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JSBL - Twice Upon Two Times EP
CD Album
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Twice Upon Two Times EP


Released: 14th November 2011 | 6 track jazz-funk ep
The abbreviation JSBL is neither a four-letter-word that can be looked up in dictionaries, nor the pin code to a secret bank account on the Cayman Islands. Jacob’s Salty & Bamboozling Ladder is a musical experience of the next dimension. The Jacob’s ladder represents the way to heaven, that is a never-ending musical development. Sparing the religious connotation, it´s simply the symbolic character of this funky ladder that counts. Speaking of Funk, this ladder is a bit salty too- obviously the way up is hard and gets you well sweaty. Bamboozling, on the other hand, is characteristic of the band’s ability to surprise and reinvent. JSBL are: Dorian Concept (keys), The Clonious (guitar, electronics), Cid Rim (drums) and Willibald Rosner (bass) Heard on BBC Radio plus several austrian and german radio stations. The Twice Upon Two Times EP is a mixture of late 60s jazz and early 70s funk elements paired with unique electronic gimmicks. This is JSBL´s debut sound carrier.