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Modern Groove Assembly - Our Time To Shine - Ayro Remix
12" Vinyl
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Modern Groove Assembly

Our Time To Shine - Ayro Remix


Released: 25th July 2005 | 4 track ep
'Our Time To Shine' is a nu-jazz / broken beat 12' from LA's Modern Groove Assembly (MGA); Co-written by producer Steve Catanzaro and vocalist Sy Smith, the tracks combine a sophisticated pop sense and delicious harmonies with the new grooves associated with the 'west London' and 'new Berlin' broken beat schools. Sy Smith is an artist who's time to shine has truly come. She was featured lead vocalist on the Brand New Heavies' 'We Won't Stop' LP; she has recorded and toured with a who's who of pop music, including Whitney Houston, Usher, Meshell N'degeocello, Frank McComb, and Macy Gray. As a writer, she was nominated for an Emmy for her theme for Showtimes 'Soul Food' show, which she performed with the legendary Al Green. The 12' also features a Smith original, 'Drop That' remixed and rinsed by Catanzaro. The track, which appears on Smith's 'Syberspace' LP , (produced by James Poyser of Roots, Erykah Badu, and D'Angelo fame), is given the serious broken bizness. This rinse, based on the 'Loose Lips' groove made famous by Bugz In The Attic, has garnered the 'Bugz Seal of Approval' from chief Bug Daz I Kue, and has already been getting play at the notorious and legendary Co-op club in London. The flip side features an amazing 'Our Time' remix by one of the hottest young artists in electronic music, Jeremy Ellis 'Ayro' Ellis... Ellis has already delivered critical remixes for Jazzanova (Sonar Kollektive) and Fertile Ground (Counterpoint) as well as appearances on tracks with John Arnold, John Beltran, Roy Davis Jr, and many more. Finally, an acapella version of 'Our Time' will have dj's and producers around the world itching to put their own beats behind Ms. Smith's heavenly vocal harmonies.'
"Really good broken beat production with some wonderful vocal harmonies.Jeremy Ellis creates and excellent remix, but the original rub aint too bad either!"
Solar Radio, Kev Beadle
"'Straight heat Top 20'"
Brokenbeat Radio, Argo
"Nuff respect especially hot"
Daz I Kue
"'Whatever word currently used for 'hip' is relevant to this crew right now?"
Big Dada, Ty