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Design a Wave - International Journey of Synthetic Emotion
12" Vinyl

Design a Wave

International Journey of Synthetic Emotion

Alien Jams

Released: 1st December 2014 | 3 track house ep

Design a Wave brings forth the International Journey of Synthetic Emotion EP on Alien Jams. A long-standing endeavor, the project has served as a vessel with which to navigate the sonic semiotics of science and it's accompanying fictions. Propelled equally by the misuse of digital signal processing, analogue synthesizers and parasitic earworms, these recordings serve as a milestone in this continuing adventure. Electronic tones multiply and subtract thoughout the release in a sublime cosmic flurry, paying homage to electro pioneers that came before. Above the transistorised jumble, crystalline synths emerge through deeply rooted rhythms. Weaving throughout experimental electronics to more dance ready tracks, Design a Wave veers sharply left, to carve his own wayward path.

"The long standing project of London-based artist Tom Hirst, Design A Wave has been around since the late ’90s but it’s only in recent years he’s began to gain wider recognition. Fans of Rush Hour Distribution’s No ‘Label’ endeavour will be more than familiar with the work of Tom Hirst’s Design A Wave project, with the London-based artist delivering a pair of distinctive 12?s for the label this year as well as getting remixed by Aroy Dee and Ma Spaventi for that ##### 12?."
Juno Plus, Review
"distribution continues by putting out two brilliant Design A Wave EPs. What do an alien balancing on one of it’ s three legs, the RSA encryption algorithm, neuroscience and prehistoric musical instruments have in common? Design A Wave isn’t sure either but this is some music made while trying to find that out."
Rush Hour, Label
"Another curiously brilliant addition to the burgeoning Alter catalogue. This 12 EP collects the sonic-wanderings of one Tom Hirst aka Design a Wave."
Bleep, Website