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Marreck - Yuda
12" Vinyl
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Alien Jams

Released: 4th September 2015 | 5 track techno ep

Reject and Fade label founder Michael Hann takes up his Marreck guise for the Yuda EP on Alien Jams, which is his most percussive and distressed release to date. Before unevenly progressing down a deranged rabbit hole, opening track Uco washes the listener in a hazy pulse of low end bass flanked by shimmering melodies, while the hypnotic drums of Bagun beat down on a sonic terrain that's later set adrift in a wash of static. Eddies of corrupted frequencies and arterial synth lines flow freely on tracks Prakoso and Eka, leaving tribal mechanics, distortion and wailing harmonies on the closing track Rama to invite the listener to begin the journey afresh, once again.

"Hann's got a knack with caustic, degraded electronics - we've long been fans of his other project, Rejections, which he's put out on his own label, Reject And Fade, as well as Opal Tapes, Jehu and Chinaman and Alt Vinyl"
The Quietus, Review
"These sounds are emanating straight from the deepest recesses of the cosmos, eternal and ephemeral all at once, massaging common everyday reality from your brain with an all-encompassing torrent of noisy synthetic absurdism... To date, Michael Hann has amassed a collection of properly singular releases to his name."
The Quietus, Review
"Since 2012, Michael Hann’s Reject and Fade label has provided crucial documentation of the UK’s deep underground scene. Releasing his own work under the Rejections label"
Ad Hoc, Interview
"Stepping on from the Ballardian infatuations and physical blows of his releases for Opal Tapes and Jehu and Chinaman, he's conceived a pointedly streamlined, visceral sound"
Boomkat, Review