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rkss - Cutoff
12" Vinyl
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Alien Jams

Released: 30th September 2016 | 4 track techno ep

The next Alien Jams 12 is from rkss, entitled Cutoff EP. These four tracks were recorded in 2014 within a period of two weeks, using a Juno-60 and Vermona Retroverb Lancet. Perhaps their most dance-able release to date, Cutoff interweaves aquarian dream-like electronics throughout soggy percussion and glistening chimes. Propelling the listener forward, rkss churns through water-logged signals, while synths cut through in gusts of euphoria.

"“Cutoff EP” however, presents perhaps the warmest, most direct sounds yet heard from the London based artist. Its combination of glowing reverb soaked pads, housey kicks and twisted electronic detritus coming across like Wolfgang Voigt played through a futurist filter"
Daryl Worthington, Inverted Audio
"The young Berlin producer rkss may have thudding and crunchy patterns making up the frameworks of their tracks, but the synthetic sounds that scuttle and burble across the upper end suggest some of the most highfaluting, mind-opening 20th experiments in electroacoustic sound and musique concrète – not least those of John Cage and David Tudor. Full abstraction in the rave!"
Joe Muggs, Review