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Ingela - All These Choices
CD Album
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All These Choices


Released: 29th June 2009 | 10 track pop album
The upcoming colourful Swedish vocalist/composer Ingela is releasing her debut album on ajabu! during 2009 where she engaged Roman Andren to mix. Her ambition was to make the music sound as live as possible without actually recording live. The music holds inspiration from Maria Rita, Rickie Lee Jones, Brazilian Samba and Cape Town Goema. Ingela has written songs since high school and early on she got introduced to various kinds of music by her father. With an urge to express she has played the drums, the guitar but has never been able to settle for only one instrument. Through the years her interest for jazz grew stronger and suddenly the piano seemed like the best way to communicate. She started writing music on the piano, arranging for brass and wind section. On this album Ingela plays the guitar and has also made the musical arrangement for strings, brass and wind section. She is not only a great composer, arranger, songwriter, musician but also a singer with something new to express. Her lyrics and her voice bears beauty, fragility, depth and wisdom.