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Sorcerer - Island Rescue EP
12" Vinyl
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Island Rescue EP

A Kind Of Presence

Released: 4th March 2013 | 5 track nu-disco ep

The debut release of new Diskotopia sub-label A Kind Of Presence, Island Rescue marks the first outing from San Francisco-based Dan Judd under his Sorcerer alias in three years. With two acclaimed albums, plus the hit 12 single Surfing At Midnight (backed with a Prins Thomas remix) released on seminal UK label Tirk Records, Sorcerer has already established himself as one of the top Balearic/Cosmic Disco producers around. His work with live dance group SHOCK and his collaborative project with Hatchback as Windsurf are further testament to this status.

This release sees Sorcerer returning at the top of his game, fusing his trademark slow-burning guitar, drum machine and synthesizer grooves with influences gleaned from 70s Afro-funk tapes for three new original tracks.

The opening title track of Island Rescue mixes a pulsing organ riff reminiscent of Jaydee's Plastic Dreams with delicately choral synth stabs and guitar that combines Knight Rider-esque rhythm and highlife-inflected lead parts. The track builds throughout, layering cosmic delay and moody clavinet, conjuring an atmosphere at once tense and soothingly intoxicating.

The most immediately Balearic of the EP's three new original tracks, Cobra Coven is also marked out by its lilting lead guitar licks and hazy synth washes. The track's latter stages present a slightly woozy and sinister undertow to the sun-bleached bliss-out, something also hinted at by its title. A perfect soundtrack to imaginary tropical conspiracies and seaborne espionage.

Heartbreakers again combines a sense of rhythmic urgency with one of ecstatic dreaminess. Overlaying hints of Metro Area's taut minimalism with the lush sensuality of Sorcerer's trademark sound, staccato synth stabs and Nile Rogers-via-King Sunny Ade guitar melt into swooning pads and sweeping delay, before a John Barry twang brings the track home.

The two remixes rounding out the EP take dramatically different directions. Anonymous producer Myakkah highlights the minimal house elements of the EP's title track, filtering them through his hard-edged NY-influenced sound, whilst Greeen Linez take Cobra Coven to crystalline City Pop heaven, ramping up the original's sense of sun-drenched ecstasy to fever pitch.

"Sounds great and a definite return to form. Love it!"
Jon Tye, Lo Recordings / Seahawks
"The Myakkah remix is great! Myakkah every time!"
Gold Panda, Ghostly International/Notown/K7!
"Love the Sorcerer stuff!"
Ben Cook, Fucked Up/Yacht Club/Young Governor
"Nice work! Sounds good!"
Magic Touch, 100% Silk / Mi Ami
"Greeen Linez Remix is fantastic!"
Deech, Activia Benz
"I'm digging this release. Spellbinding!"
Philip Sherburne, SPIN / Resident Advisor
"Cool release!"
Daisy Hyde, The Wire
"Two of our favorite producers join forces on this magical Greeen Linez remix of Sorcerer’s “Cobra Coven”."
All Things Go, Washington based music site
"Pretty much the best thing ever."
Dance 'Til You're Dead
"The perfect soundtrack for that midnight drive."
Boston Hassle