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Flint Kids - The Cantor Dust (Original)

Flint Kids

The Cantor Dust (Original)

Interakt Records

Released: 19th December 2011 | 3 track techno single
This 3rd release from Londons Interakt features a high octane remix from French Techno renegade Monster X; radio / tv sound designer by day, electro-breakcore mentalist by night, this smiling misfit come from a background in thrash metal and industrial music, with his previous 12-piece metal band gigs involved fake-blood-splattering theatrics and on-stage riots, he later went the solo electronic route as it was more efficient at causing mayhem. Taking up Native Instrument’s Reaktor software, he's spent the past few years exclusively designing his own instruments and effects to further mangle audio to his own extremes. ------------- Intrigued by his way of adeptly and confidently switching from solid, body-rocking electro grooves to abstract, mentalist breakcore, feisty hyper-processed dancefloor electronics, labels like Tiger beat 6, Jarring Effects, Bedroom Research and Peace Off have been quick to release his militant, lunatic sound. ------------- he's been playing shows with people like Uziq , Scorn , Plaid , Enduser , Rotator , Ebola , Duran Duran Duran , Michael Forshaw , Dan Monox , Cursor Miner , Flint Kids, Milanese , Stormfield , Suburbass etc. etc. and his set at the Glade Festival is something of Legend amongst the hardcore underground. Tracks from AKT003 have been included in The Centrifuge agencys showcase mix - ACP005, mix for Acroplane recordings & On American Dj Obliques Collide.Scope mix 3