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Various Artists - Pudel Produkte 18
12" Vinyl
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Various Artists

Pudel Produkte 18


Released: 3rd February 2014 | 4 track deep house ep

Pudel Produkte 18 features a deep sub woofer bass track from JONEY. Being cracked between bass bowl and dub dipper, Hamburg's newest wiz kid shows on his track debut
Oh Alright how state of the art (and far out) Hamburgian Dubstep is today. On the flip, Carsten Mampf Meyer (also known as a Saint Bernard called Erobique) and Chihuahua Viktor Fettuccini Marek create some kind of Schmatz-Dub straight from the pit of your stomach. A stethoscopic sampler took the sound directly from its origin. Eventually it got enriched with pan flutes and deep house vocals.
The passé-partout was designed by Rumanian-based artist and sound installer L.C. Knabe, who has done several field recordings at Golden Pudel Club within the last couple of years. Again the best Pudel! Woof!