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Tal M. Klein - That Ain't No Mermaid
12" Vinyl
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Tal M. Klein

That Ain't No Mermaid

Aniligital Music

Released: 28th April 2008 | 3 track single
'That Ain't No Mermaid' is a genre-bending 110 BPM electro disco funk breaks track with tasty beats and sexy organic grooves from Tal M. Klein, supporting his upcoming Plastic Starfish album. The first remix is a big funk oriented broken beat groove treatment by Quincy Jointz (a.k.a Geriba) one the funkiest DJ and producers form Germany. After his 'Guaranteed' release on Funk Weapons and What? on Citrona, he returns with this remix from his self-titled new project. The second remix is a DFA-style midtempo disco rub by Tal's San Francisco neighbor Anthony Mansfield. Akin to his many Hector Works releases, Anthony runs with Tal's funk bassline but adds a heavier beat, shimmering keys, and an PA busting infectious groove.