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Tal M. Klein - Plastic Starfish (Single)

Tal M. Klein

Plastic Starfish (Single)

Aniligital Music

Released: 25th September 2008 | 6 track beats & breaks single
Aniligital Music is back with another funky number, this time featuring remixes of the title track from Tal M. Klein's new album Plastic Starfish. The original song is a groovy mid-tempo mid-summer feel good jam, a blend of country and funk with warm basslines and a funky beat. Featurecast delivers on his signature floor filling sound with his funk breaks remix, taking bits from the original track and adding a shake-your-ass beat and lots of dancefloor action. Kinski brings on the party breaks and turns the track inside out. A real fun remix with plenty of crowd pleasing percussive elements. Ed Royal keeps the mellow feel of the original but brings up the BPM and adds an insane keyboard solo. And last but not least, from the mild mild Southwest of England come The Snugs with an utterly heavy French hip hop interpretation! (Also included is the instrumental version of The Snugs remix).