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Tal M. Klein - Crawlin Up The Spout

Tal M. Klein

Crawlin Up The Spout

Aniligital Music

Released: 23rd February 2009 | 6 track beats & breaks single
Aniligital Music presents a new groove from Tal M. Klein. Crawlin Up The Spout is a 112 BPM disco funk bouncer with broken beat flavors. First to rub the track is Japanese beats luminary ALTZ. With releases on both DFA and Bear Funk under his belt, the man's style hardly needs any introduction. ALTZ's remix is a long deep disco funk journey with intoxicating rhythms and synths. KidGusto's remix draws from his many influences to create an intricate and moving, but most importantly funky remix. His rub is a testament to the TrueGrooves sound with heavy funk breaks, scratches, and tasty twists and turns that are sure to own the dancefloor. Next on the EP is a rub by rising Belgian superstar Zamali. He is known for his soulful boots with Motown flavor. Zamali's remix is a sweet balearic funk groove perfect for dusk sets. We also got one of the hottest up-and-comers in the funk breaks scene on this release. Germany's Jayl Funk drops a big funky remix which brings the ass-shakin potential of this EP to an 11. And last but not least, the Swiss professor of mad beat science, Pulpfusion offers an insane sampledelic twisted funk remix!