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Quincy Jointz - Lazy

Quincy Jointz


Aniligital Music

Released: 23rd March 2009 | 6 track beats & breaks single
Aniligital Music is proud to present a new single from one our funky favourites: Quincy Jointz. For those not in the know, Quincy is one half of Geriba, the duo who became mainstays on the funk breaks scene with releases on Funk Weapons and Citrona records. Lazy is a phat bass-heavy funk groove with electric dub flavors. A perfect track for kicking things off on the right foot and warming up a crowd. Lots of support for this one from artists across the spectrum of music, from funk breaks legend Thunderball all the way to chillout godfather Mixmaster Morris. There's something here for everyone and we've also provided remixes from across the spectrum of music, complimenting the dub flavors of the original Danny Massure (Ticklejunk) gives us a proper rub-a-dub groove, while on the funkier side we've got a remix by Hungarian superstars Infragandhi & Secta Chameleon bringin it to the dancefloor, and Aniligital's own Tal M. Klein dials up the BPM's with his heavy rhythm remix. On the disco tip Anthony Mansfield & Sneak-E Pete as well as Scottie B deliver dancefloor sparking peak-perfect burning remixes!