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Tal M. Klein - Magical Horses

Tal M. Klein

Magical Horses

Aniligital Music

Released: 7th December 2009 | 2 track disco ep
Aniligital Music presents a deep disco masterpiece; Two mythical equestrian monster jams for those jockeys seeking a vaulting ride on the polo side. First up, Tal M. Klein and Anthony Mansfield's Unicorn in the Garden builds on the success of the Disco Villainy EP, bringing together dubbed out basslines and claptastic disco beats with sagittarian analog synths. Herein are all the makings of a great disco track: Strings, Rhodes, giant spaceships that land on the dancefloor from the Horse Head nebula, and a massive flute break that would please even Catherine the Great! On the B-side with Pegasus in the Dark Tal M. Klein and The Hardway Brothers waste no time in revealing their intent to wreck dancefloors with a bassline that will test the constitution of even the sturdiest of bass cones. Beware of dancer tramplings as this one will surely bring all the centaurs to their hooves, neighing and click clacking along to insanely filtered upright bass with the acid twang and disco house breakdowns !