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Basement Freaks - Gypsy Breaks
12" Vinyl
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Basement Freaks

Gypsy Breaks

Aniligital Music

Released: 6th April 2009 | 5 track beats & breaks ep
Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, our man George Fotiadis, aka Basement Freaks hardly needs an introduction. With more releases and remixes under his belt than anyone would dare to count, the Basement Freaks name is synonymous with good funky breaks and this new Gypsy Breaks single is no exception. The uniqueness of the track is in its creative use of gypsy scales to create a straight up funk groove that's fun to hear both on and off the dancefloor. The sort of record that's always useful to have within arm's reach regardless of time and location. To make this interesting, we signed on the devious production team of Goodgroove label-mates Breakbeat Junkie and DJP who reached to Piaui, Brazil with their party break scratch-tastic sampledelic rub. Next up, Aniligital boss Tal M. Klein comes through with a hammondheavy groove on his remix. A fun, funky treatment with a deep upright bassline. Our next remixer, Umbo has been blowing up lately. With a recent signing to Goodgroove records, the man has proven his worth behind the production console and has given us an irresistible funk break remix that is loaded with ammo and ready to blow up any dancefloor. Last but not least, Spark Arrester from Blacksburg, Virginia the purveyors of the Boogieburg dance party that has the whole world talking come through with a huge floor filling remix. Get this record in your bag!
"really liking the original and breakbeat junkie + dj p mixes... honestly think we'll be giving these all a spin."
Qdup Foundation, Qdup Recordings
"more goodness that i will most definitely be rocking!"
Ursula 1000, Eighteenth Street Lounge
"Really really good and fresh release and my favorite is the Breakbeat Junkie vs. DLP remix. The track is in my new charts."
Ed Royal, Innvision Records
"perfect throwback vibe with excellent production all around. something to bring in the lounge or dancefloor with equal success."
Scottie B, Blunted Funk