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Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield - Disco Villainy
12" Vinyl
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Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield

Disco Villainy

Aniligital Music

Released: 8th June 2009 | 2 track disco ep
Only the combination of that no-good two-timing Tal M. Klein, founder of the devious Aniligital Music label and that sniveling underhanded Anthony Mansfield, founder of the treacherous Hector Works label could yield such a wicked record!! Two evil vinyl scientists in their own right: Record hustlers, producers, remixers, DJ's, villains! Aside from their own labels, just this year between the two of them they've had more releases than the devil has heads! To that end, we present you with two new alluring disco monsters filled with hypnotic disco waves to turn any club into a den of sin and sexuality! Behold!! Disco Villainy is an 11 minute epic disco roller coaster ride. Heavy beats meet funky basslines and spaced out synths. It goes deep but keeps the vibe flowing. Lots of changeups and breakdowns keep the tune fun and the dancefloor full. This weapon is necessary addition to the arsenal of any self respecting villainous disc jockey. Amazing! Land War In Asia is on the second side of the record. For this track Tal and Anthony utilize the susceptibility of the crowd to conjure one of the classic disco blunders, a kitchen sink of disco flavors from the past (and the future! yes, we have the technology!!). Italo-disco flavored basslines and claptastic beats up front with dubbed out lasers and synths completing the package. Super!
"F---ing great record!"
Pat Mahoney, LCD Soundsystem
"The Disco Villainy EP is f---ing excellent!"
Sean, The Hardway Bros
"evil genius!!!!"
Dubble D / Moodymanc, Danny Ward