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The Disco Builders - Don't Look Back

The Disco Builders

Don't Look Back

Aniligital Music

Released: 3rd August 2009 | 8 track disco ep
The Disco Builders is a new San Francisco band produced by Tal M. Klein featuring the voice of Hillary Hightower. The band's sound celebrates the Roland Alpha Juno 1 keyboard, a mainstay of the post-orchestral disco sound. Don't Look Back, the title track is a heavy vocal jam that melds elements from disco, funk, rock and even reggae to bring together a killer groove with John Charles Bertrand providing a haunting keyboard solo. Omegaman, the Australian funkster is first up with his remix of Don't Look Back. He ups the BPM and rubs the chorus down with an deep electro disco flavor. A great building groove that's huge and infectious. The Hardway Brothers take their dubbed out Don't Look Back remix into outer space for some serious deep disco action. Layers and layers of arps on top of big womb beats will doubtlessly evoke ramblings to the tune of that song moved me man from the dancefloor. This remix is a journey, an adventure for both DJ and dancer. One for the ages! Robin Parris, better known as Ka-Pow!! brings lighthearted house stylings to his rework of Alone and churns out a deep party starter dance remix. Then we cap it all off with a second cut from The Disco Builders themselves; Alone is darker tune with haunting vocals, addictive synths and beats which are a tasty blend of acoustic tops with TR-707 kicks. Also included are instrumentals of both original tracks. JUNO EXCLUSIVE: An additional unreleased instrumental track!! The Disco Builders' super mellow disco special Ain't No Shame only on Juno!