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Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield - For Juan Five EP
12" Vinyl
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Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield

For Juan Five EP

Aniligital Music

Released: 8th March 2010 | 3 track deep house ep
Aniligital Music is back at it with Anthony Mansfield and Tal M. Klein and their evil ways! Building upon the successes of their previous collaborations, the villainous duo raises the stakes and take things deeper with this enigmatically titled three tracker. Ciento Ocho is Spanish for 108, the tempo of the first track on the EP. A creepy crawly builder with 8-bit roots that culminate in a HUGE funk breakdown with an insidious bass hook (If you have any doubt,just fast forward 3 minutes into the track) Next up is Desayuno en Timpani's which we think means Breakfast At Timpani's in Spanish. Needless to say this one's heavy on the percussive elements, including of course lots and lots of timpani drums. Desayuno en Timpani's gets going pretty quickly and doesn't let up. Check the flanged upright bass breakdown for extra bigness! Purely non-stop huge sound system busting dancefloor action. Speaking of floor fillers, have we shown you our tiger bomb? Bomba de Tigre is the definitely the deepest track on the EP, but lest Anthony and Tal rest on the laurels of their 808 kicks and 303 basslines, this Tigre is a stalking beast that explodes in a vicious classic house attack! FILE UNDER NU-DISCO/DEEP HOUSE
"Outrageous grooves, low slung and sleazy. Love all 3 tracks."
Andrew Field, CD Pool
"Strong e.p. Really diggin' Ciento Ocho & Desayuno en Timpanis!!"
Andrew Allsgood, Truffle, History Clock
"Oye Papi! Me gusta mucho.. oooh baby.. no me jodas! Ese es la leche!"
Greg Oreck, Moodmusic