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Umbo & Balatz - Groove On

Umbo & Balatz

Groove On

Aniligital Music

Released: 8th February 2010 | 5 track breaks single
Aniligital Music is proud to present at long last the full digital single release of the Goodgroove Records now classic single, Groove On by Croatia's finest funky breaks duo, Umbo & Balatz featuring the live horns of funky soul brother Jaksa Jordes! In collaboration with Goodgroove Records we've unvaulted this epic track which until now has only been available on vinyl. For remix duties, we've called on Umbo's Goodgroove label mates The Sly Players who have produced an epic party breaks remix. A completely DJ friendly dancefloor filler, their remix is just ready to rock the place. Nick Fonknyson delivers a slick funky remix with fresh new vocals by Jacky*. Bouncy beats and percussion meld with the original track's soulful sax and keep on pushing the fun vibes higher! As a bonus we've also provided an instrumental version of Nick's remix. Newcomer Billy Missile adds his own take on the original in his disco-flavored remix. Lush strings and claptastic beats along with an entirely new bassline build a fun and funky progression with electro breakdowns and keyboard solos.