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Tal M. Klein - Without Her

Tal M. Klein

Without Her

Aniligital Music

Released: 8th November 2010 | 5 track disco single
Without Her' is Tal M. Klein’s first single from his upcoming Exhaustasuarus album due out sometime next year. We call it melancholy boogie, but you might call it slow disco, midtempo house, or just plain pretty music. Cosmic Boogie’s remix adds a lot of oomf and heft. It has a house flare with latin bits and bobs that get deep and funky with the vibe, plus his trademark boogie bassline and keyboard riffs round out the package. The Hardway Brothers channel Bobby Konders in their NuGroove take on the original. Their remix gets to the point quickly and doesn’t let up. An acoustic dubbed out Mandelbrot set that stems from the original and builds a ladder from the dancefloor into outer space. DJ DRM of Bastard Jazz fame has been dipping his feet into the disco scene for a while now and his remix has a mellow Italo flavor that harkens one of those love making scenes from your choice of 80’s b-movie. There’s a great beat to it and the groove is infectious. Fromage Disco those blog stars from the land of Oz bring their cosmic lasers to the game and massage their head nodding remix into the small of your back. They turn melancholy boogie to mellow funk because it’s all about the love and the stars mon cheri.