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Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield - prevent bad music EP
12" Vinyl
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Tal M. Klein & Anthony Mansfield

prevent bad music EP

Aniligital Music

Released: 8th November 2010 | 3 track disco ep
That's right folks : Only you can PREVENT BAD MUSIC. And you can start doing just that by dropping this record. Another explosive monster three tracker from the villainous minds of Klein & Mansfield that brought you Unicorn In The Garden and Ciento Ocho. The Prevent Bad Music EP kicks off with Cankle. A cankle is a sight common among the morbidly obese; The point at which one is so obese that there is no thinning of the leg between the calf and the ankle, which creates a sense of fusion between the two. And this track is so obese and fat we can't tell you where the dub disco ends and where the sleaze house begins, they're fused! Let's just say it's an obese floor filler and leave it at that. And then it's Time To Go Back, a burner with syncopated vocals and a big funky bottom dressed up in lots of that left leaning disco tomfoolery you've come to expect from AM/TM. Dirty synths build the harmonic progression towards a huge climax and then send you off on a walk of shame like a good lover should. This track is the cure for your DJ bag's not-so-fresh feeling. Closing out the EP is Sleaze Island – your new favourite vacation destination! The track pretty much revolves around the cozy phatness of a Korg MS-20 bassline with airy arpeggiated synths, heavy disco action, tribal percussion, and lots of big bottomed fun and frolics.