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Tal M. Klein - House On The Left

Tal M. Klein

House On The Left

Aniligital Music

Released: 14th March 2011 | 4 track deep house single
Tal M. Klein’s 'House On The Left' is the second single from his forthcoming Exhaustasaurus LP. The name of the composition implies the track is left-field of house. Jazz guitars lead the way for brooding pads and syncopated synths over deep beats. In short: a great moody tune! For remix duties Aniligital have specifically focused on enlisting artists known for their left-leaning interpretations, kicking things off with the boys from the infamous Feel My Bicep blog. Bicep cohorts Andy and Matt know a thing or two about spotting and heavy lifting. They take a chisel and a shovel to the original and give it a proper workout, an exercise regiment consisting synthesizer lifts and drum machine reps that crescendo in an epic 303 acid laced breakdown. Bringing things solidly into left field Aniligital reached out to Earwig, head honcho of the Shoes and Plimsoll labels. His remix layers shards of the original over elements of afro-beat and Detroit techno all mixed together with a healthy dose of dub. Exclusively on this digital release is Stereo. 77’s Ricanstruction †a latin twist on the original that brings together cosmic deep funk and heavy disco elements for some fuego sabroso!