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Tal M. Klein - Siempre

Tal M. Klein


Aniligital Music

Released: 11th April 2011 | 5 track nu-disco ep
New from Tal M. Klein is a song celebrating good feelings around the world. Siempre's only lyric is Siente - arranged one way Siente siempre means feels good, an another way Siempre siente means felt forever. The track is big and luscious - a little bit of world, a little bit of cosmic, a little bit of house, a little bit of Balkan funk. A memorable, dancey, fun track to uplift the karma of the dancefloor. On the rubs, Romanowski's Back Seat Remix is a sexy retwisting of the original - a baby maker special. Sabo re-imagines elements of the original through his moombah-focals with layered explosive breakdowns. Gareth Cheshire's Cosmic Unicorn mix brings the whole thing into a sort of epic dystopian fairytale set in post-disco Balearica, you just gotta hear it for yourself. As a last and lasting bonus, there's an extra track on the EP called Rio Savegre that's along the same vibe of Siempre, a fun percussion-heavy worldly deep disco dancer.