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Cornershop - Solid Gold (feat. Katie)
12" Vinyl
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Solid Gold (feat. Katie)

Aniligital Music

Released: 2nd July 2012 | 2 track house single

In the words of Pitchfork's Stuart Berman, Cornershop may have made their name in the mid-1990s with a heady, cosmopolitan concoction of psychedelia, old-school funk, and mantric Punjabi folk, but their music also makes room for 1970s boogie-rock, cornball country, and vocoderized robo-disco. From their latest album, Urban Turban we present this fresh French filtered 'singhle'.

At its core Cornershop's Solid Gold is an avant-gardge homage to the happy-go-lucky pink roller-rink dance music of yesteryear, somewhere between disco house and euphoric 90's. Todd Edwards of Dusted Magazine describe it apltly as follows: The filters on Solid Gold are pure French touch, and the rapturous threading of micro-samples that dot the song's event horizon recalls Todd Edwards.

Tal M. Klein's remix brings forth vintage drum machines from the antique cabinet and geeks out on drum programming for a bit — can you identify the Electro-Harmonix Super Space Drum? Things turn sleazy with a 303 bass line and a touch of cowbell, Tal's remix brings a modern disco aesthetic to the original.