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Mutated Forms - Glory Days (Never Again) EP

Mutated Forms

Glory Days (Never Again) EP


Released: 6th April 2009 | 4 track jungle/drum 'n' bass ep
Mutated Forms return to Allsorts with their finest hour to date as they step up a gear and produce a truly amazing debut EP. Again proving their versatility they turn their attention to the calmer end of the drum and bass spectrum with four tracks which ooze soul and emotion. Massive support for this EP has come from Fabio & Grooverider on BBC Radio 1, London Elektricity (Hospital Records),Dieselboy and many more. 'Pessimist' kicks things off with a largely drumless atmospheric intro which swishes and swirls around the speakers before building up to the drop. The track is driven by an off key 2 step beat accompanied by an atmospheric soundscape and some delicately placed piano - one to get lost in. 'Homesick' sees Mutated Forms come with another deep, reflective track but this time with a sprinkling of hope. A lush combination of soothing pads and bleeps create an infectious melody all underwritten by a warm constant bass. As the vocal says 'everything around became suddenly unreal, as if in a dream'. 'Glory Days' is a slightly darker take on things. A brooding intro, the audio equivalent to a dark cloud overhead is suddenly broken as a glimpse of day light breaks through... and you're off. A warm slurping bass slips and slides around a filtered amen workout and 'never again' vocal snippets floats in and out. KG steps up on remix duties and takes on a track from Mutated Forms first release on Allsorts 'Behind The Scenes'. Keeping the basic melody and vibe of the original KG brings something a little different to collection and finishes of the EP with an upbeat party liquid track.