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Mutated Forms - Storm In A Teacup

Mutated Forms

Storm In A Teacup


Released: 30th November 2009 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single
Mutated Forms are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Drum and Bass world. Having spent the last few years experimenting with different styles the Estonian trio have really found their own sound this year, and this single which follows up the critically acclaimed 'Glory Days EP' confirms just that. 'Storm In A Teacup' picks up where 'Homesick' left off with a calming intro, light keys and which picks up as filtered drums break through the tranquillity. A lush combination of soothing pads and bleeps create an infectious melody all underwritten by a warm pulsating bass. A winner on two levels as this track provides energy for the dancefloor and melody for the living room. 'Conformist' is a snappy upbeat affair kicking off with a sitar sample that quickly breaks into a naughty sub bassline. With twists and turns to keep drawing you back in, this track shows yet another side of Mutated Forms. Look for for very big things in 2010 as this production outfit go from strength to strength. Previous press: M8 Magazine – Mutated Forms return to Allsorts with this mighty strong debut EP! Go Buy! – 8/8 DJ Mag – A delightiful set of emotion-fuelled spirit shots – 4/5