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Distant People - You're So Special

Distant People

You're So Special

Adaptation Music

Released: 25th April 2011 | 10 track deep house single
Track written, arranged and produced by Distant People Vocals written and recorded by Tasita D'Mour Track 1, 8 & 10 Remix and additional production by Guy Robin Track 2 Remix and additional production by Andre Bonsor Track 3 Remix and additional production by D-Reflection. Guitar by Jip Vollema Track 4 & 6 Remix and additional production by Nacho Marco for Loudeast Productions. Track 5 Remix and additional production by Haldo All tracks mastered by Alex Senna Published by Adaptation Music (c) 2010 Adaptation Music (p) 2010 Adaptation Music Support on radio stations such as Ibiza Global Radio, House Sound Of Hamburg, MyHouse-YourHouse, Chicago House FM, Push FM, SS Radio, Proton Radio and various other stations worldwide is backed up by support from some of the top names in the industry. Here's what they had to say... MR V (Sole Channel) WHAT A FUCKIN' PACKAGE!!! DOPE ALL MIXES!! V. TONY HUMPHRIES Very nice song! Def supporting, fav mixes are Guy Robin and Nacho Marco. JASK Very nice package. :-) GRANT NELSON Sick package! CJ MACKINTOSH Still loving the Guy Robin Mix...Some nice new mixes too. Thanks :) HALO (City Deep) Beats are rocking JAMIE THINNES (Seasons Records) Nice record guys!! KEN ECB (EAST COAST BOOGIEMEN) The OG has what I want. Makes me feel like I am in a dark club getting mine in the early 90's. I hope producers make more of this. ANDY WARD big release full to the brim with great remixes ROBERT OWENS great track and vocal RAOUL BELMANS (Swirl People / We Play House Recordings / Leuven) Nacho Marco mixes doing it for me! Thanks SEAN SMITH (Smooth Agent Records) Guy Robin & D-Refection are the mixes for me. Another nice Adaptation release! ANDRE HARRIS Wow Nice project it was Really hard to pick a mix but guy robin and the Haldo definitive mixes are for me in the case.. TOMMY LARGO love the original and nacho marco remix. JEVNE MILLER (Onethirty Recordings / SS Radio) Andre Bonsor mix is nice. COLIN SALES Guy Robins mix is really nice, but for me D-Reflection just pips it!! AMAZING vocal. In my 'virtual crate' ;) GIOM The Nacho Marco instrumental is the one for me. Thanks guys MANNIX all mixes are mega, love it! DJ POPE Original and Guy Robin mix does it for me DERON DELGADO (Stompy) Nice package fellas! GRAHAM SAHARA (Pacha Ibiza, Ibiza Global Radio) distant people dub for me here thanks