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Tom Conrad - So Happy (feat. Dawn Tallman)

Tom Conrad

So Happy (feat. Dawn Tallman)

Adaptation Music

Released: 27th June 2011 | 10 track deep house single
Track written arranged and produced by Tom Conrad Vocals by Dawn Tallman Tracks 2 & 9 Remix & additional production by Kenny Carvajal Tracks 3 & 6 Remix & additional production by Satoshi Fumi Tracks 4, 8 & 10 Remix & additional production by Trancemicsoul Track 5 Remix & additional production by Cassady Locke All tracks mastered by Alex Senna Published by Adaptation Music (c) 2011 Adaptation Music (p) 2011 Adaptation Music See below for a handful of the feedback received from some of the top DJs and producers in the scene.. VICK LAVENDER Dig all of the mixes,but Kenny's mix is the one for me SOULDYNAMIC Nice project with ms. Tallman!Kenny Carvajal Mix is dope!! full support! Thanks again! SEAN MCCABE All about the Trancemicsoul Underground Mix!!! DANNY KRIVIT I like it :) LAURENT GARNIER Satoshi,anotheR great track mister You are on fire .....loving it Thanks & much respect QUENTIN HARRIS A great package overall. TONY HUMPHRIES Nice song from Dawn and Tom Conrad. ROBERT OWENS great track and vocal GROOVE ASSASSIN Slammin package again from Adaptation camp ...sweet things from Dawn .. lots of mixes to boot ..full support! THE LAYABOUTS will deffo play the trancemicsoul mix, its working for us.. thanks for sending CJ MACKINTOSH Loving Kenny's Mixes :) JOSHUA IZ Rare to find a good vocal track (with a good dub as well). Feeling this. ABICAHSOUL kenny carvajal vocal.superb and soulful!!!support granted... DR BOB JONES This is very very nice, lovin' the Orig mix, Kenny Carvajal a Satoshi's and Cassady Locke's mixes very much. But Kenny's just has the edge MATT BANDY Thanks for consistently providing great releases. Loving Kenny's mix here. Full support HUSKY liking kenny's groove! DOLLS COMBERS bomb...we love this HIPPIE TORRALES Nice song. Well produced. N'DINGA GABA dope release FLASHBAXX Solid release, a perfect start of a DJ Set ANDREW CHIBALE original and kenny carvajal for me! TRANCEMICSOUL Loving this project!!!! TODD GARDNER Really feelin the Satoshi Mix great package. SEAN SMITH Another great package! Feeling the original as well as Kenny's & Trancemicsoul's remix. VILLA GOMBAO INC Love the deep touch! Great for summer sets...thx! JUSTIN IMPERIALE Very nice project! Also diggin the Kenny Carvajal Vox. Will support! VINCENT KWOK Really like the deep techy feel of the Satoshi Fumi mix ALEXANDER EAST Can't wait 2 play it out! PAUL TROUBLE ANDERSON Great soulful Track EDGROUND Amazin release. Another great single by Adaptation Music. Love all mixes. SOULMAGIC Kenny Carjaval worked wonders on this! SATOSHI FUMI what a nice package:))tnx Tom! EVREN ULUSOY nice soulful stuff over here! support. SOLE KITCHEN Lovely lil' tune. BLACK SONIX Trancemicsoul Dub is killer! DJ MFR Great package all around! EDMUND Great package with really nice vocals on it. Lovely Original Mix !Also feeling the Kenny Carvajal mix. MASTER KEV Real nice song here and dope remixes from Trancemicsoul and Kenny Carvajal.. will def support ALAN O'MALLEY Top quality music from Adaptation Music, just a wicked song and the remix package is sublime, great work!! DUTCHICAN SOUL Very solid release!! Really into the Satoshi Fumi mixes...Thanks.. ANDRE BONSOR Satoshi Fumi doing it for me here - great washed out vocal and ice-cool deepness. JEVNE Lots of solid mixes! DJ PIPPI rancemicsoul Underg.Mix Support.. MANNIX lovely variety of mixes, all big again, thx Mannix