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Distal - Retrograde Space Opera
Vinyl LP
CD Album


Retrograde Space Opera


Released: 6th October 2014 | 16 track dubstep album

A dying planet . . . encapsulated by those who killed it. Filled with wandering souls and ancient technology, a way out emerges. A utopian star . . . an escape . . . . The ANARCHOSTAR.

The Anarchostar is a psychedelic science fiction universe and the sophomore album of the American electronic composer and futurist Distal. The Anarchostar's story acts as a conduit for the music; each release is a different part of the mythos surrounding the label narrative.

The first release is Distal's sophomore album 'Retrograde Space Opera' which sets the prologue in motion for the rest of the label. Each track sheds light on a small section of the overall story with future releases illuminating this new world in detail.

The immersive nature of the Anarchostar vector artwork was conceived through a year-long collaborative effort between Distal and famed Argentinian artist Freschore. Each week they met and engineered every alcove of the universe together, from detailing the minutiae of the transportation system to the fashion differences between social strata.

"I've long been a fan of Distal's sound, having released many singles and an LP on my Tectonic imprint. Retrograde Space Opera is an awesome voyage of galactic sonic exploration, charged with dynamic beats and fresh-faced enthusiasm. Quality stuff."
Pinch, Tectonic
"Anticipated new sounds from distal in full rotation on my player"
Addison Groove, 50 Weapons
"Distal is one of those producers that can't be pigeonholed into some rack in a record store."
Starkey, Planet Mu
"Retrograde Space Opera is an exciting next step for one of my favorite producers. Can't wait to see what comes next for Distal and his new label"
Todd Burns, Resident Advisor / RBMA
"Already has become my favorite record of the summer, super mind bending lush journey of various styles and spaces. Distal is in my opinion one of the freshest new electronic producers to come from the Atlanta scene"
Richard Devine, Warp / Schemtatic
"One of his best imo"
2562, Tectonic
"“Ridge City is in my top ten of 2014, Its such a simple but effective idea & it always gets the dance floor going Massive track, massive album"
Mumdance, Tectonic / Rinse / Keysound
Throwing Snow, Hounds Tooth