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Argonaut - The New Argonaut EP


The New Argonaut EP

Analogue Rock

Released: 7th September 2018 | 4 track indie rock ep

Please put your hands together and give a very warm welcome to the new Argonaut line up: Deb on bass and vocals, Jen on drums, Abby on guitar, synth and vocals, Lorna singing and Nathan playing guitar. Lorna has had a burst of song writing inspired by girls in her life so it feels particularly prescient that we now have a greater girl presence to bring these songs to life. We have also recorded our take on the Strawberry Switchblade classic Since Yesterday and a seminal version of one of our favourite Argonaut songs March!. Drawing on the likes of Le Tigre and The Slits for a fun, fresh, natural and positive feel, we recorded the EP live at Bally studios with minimal overdubs or embellishments. We booked eight hours in the studio and had finished the whole session in six which was amazing and a testament to the chemistry between us! Dotan Cohen, the Sound Mechanic, magnificently recorded, mixed and mastered.