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Jeanie Tracy - Making New Friends
7" Vinyl

Jeanie Tracy

Making New Friends


Released: 25th May 2015 | 2 track disco single

Athens of the North presents Jeanie Tracy's first and finest single Making New Friends. Cut for Marvin HolmesOakland's BasedBrown Door Records around 1975. A Rare groove and Northern Soul Anthem of the highest order and rightly so. This record has rarely dipped below the $1000 mark as demand is so consistent. What has generally been overlook is that the flip Trippin' On The Sounds is a solid Deepfunk spin, I'm surprised I never heard anyone flip it over and hit the club, so please, sort it out. Not only is this a great record but Jeanie is a wonderful friendly warm woman who passion for music is as strong today as it was when this was cut 40 years ago!