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The Us - Let's Do It Today (Procrastination)
7" Vinyl

The Us

Let's Do It Today (Procrastination)


Released: 23rd October 2015 | 2 track funk single

- Unreleased full version of this rare 45 for the first time.

- Cut from tape to lathe by the masters at Timmion Cutting Lab.

Western Michigan had a very healthy music scene throughout the '60s and '70s, with Georgia-born soul legend Jackey Beavers (aka Jackie Beavers) and producer Palmer James forging that area's soul identity. Beavers produced the recording by this obscure band from Battle Creek and issued their only 45 on his Jaber label. The rhythm section of Wright, Teasley and Scurlock were better known as Jr. Walker's All Star group, and they made this recording shortly before leaving the bandleader's ranks. The Us would share ties with the Apachies (track 20), for both bands included at some point members of Jr Walker's All Stars. Trombonist Jack Hill would be involved in both bands and would help create the unique arrangement on 'Let's Do It Today.' Bassist Larry Scurlock recounts the origin behind the song's theme, We were ready to get on with it. No draggin' around, let's do this now, today is the day! I've lived this motto for all of my life.

The full-length version here shows The Us head into psychedelic regions in the final minutes of the song that have never been heard since they were recorded over 30 years ago. I wrote it in less than half a day to get some royalties remembers Scurlock. We were experimenting with tuning, a quarter tone below the note. We were sure under the influence back in those days!

Recorded 1969 at Midwestern Sound Studios, Grand Rapids, MI

Produced by Jackey Beavers

Arranged by Jack Hill

Personnel - Doug Cassens (tenor sax); Philip Wright (guitar, vocals); Larry Scurlock (bass, vocals); Jerome Teasley (drums)