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Sage Caswell - Good To See You / To Be Continued
12" Vinyl
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Sage Caswell

Good To See You / To Be Continued

Archie Pelago Music

Released: 3rd November 2014 | 4 track house ep

After playing some of Sage Caswell's exclusive tracks as part of their live set, it only seemed right for Brooklyn trio Archie Pelago to welcome Sage to the family. It all started with AP including Buyerside in their Resident Advisor mix, which ended up getting remixed by them for this very release, making sure that their personal touch is left on every Archie Pelago Music record. As coast-to-coast friends, the bond between the LA-based house producer and the group grew quickly with mutual influences and a shared sense of humor. Good To See You / To Be Continued is Sage's contribution to APM, which is the first release on the label by another artist. Sage's sophomore solo effort sees itself moving forward from where he last left listeners, experimenting further with the balance of dark and light textures and moods - a reflection of the producer's heavily introspective writing process. With this EP we can consider Sage's love for packaging mysterious and conceptual soundscapes with peak-time club tracks a reoccurring theme of sorts, keeping his trademark vibe intact.