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Group Modular - Black Ray/Acid Wheels
7" Vinyl

Group Modular

Black Ray/Acid Wheels

Delights 45

Released: 25th May 2018 | 2 track funk single

To celebrate the International Synthesizer Day (May 23rd), Delights label is thrilled to announce its new release - a synth-centric fuzz-funk double-sider by Group Modular:

Nearly six years after their debut LP, The Mystery of Mordy Laye, the Jerusalem/Tel Aviv space-age groove duo of Markey Funk and Mule Driver (Confused Machines) returns with a heavier, edgier sound, set on top of the razor-sharp beat by their fellow drummer Sagi Zax. Keeping the library music spirit of their previous release, the new tracks illustrate two different cinematic themes: an apocalyptic weapon of the future on Black Ray, and a sinister motorcycle gang ride - on Acid Wheels.

Recommended for fans of Mr Chop, Drumetrics and the 70's horror soundtracks.

"Delights' finest release yet, and further reason to celebrate a global label ploughing its own stylish furrow. [five stars]"
Paul Osborne, Shindig! magazine
"If your life has been missing out on menacingly heavy paranoid psych-funk since the last MNP single [...] then you’re in luck."
Tony Lansdowne,
"Group Modular provide a menacing library soundtrack for the Boogeyman to stick in his walkman and go about his nightly business."
Baz Hickey, 45 Live
"Both tracks [...] tick all the boxes: synths, heavy drums, fuzzed out guitars and a groove that doesn’t stop."
DJ Prestige, Flea Market Funk
"EXCELLENT! [...] Killer 7'', that one's going to fly off the shelves."
Strictly Kev, DJ Food/Ninja Tune