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Nicola Spiromarino - Senza Titolo
7" Vinyl
Out 26th October 2018

Nicola Spiromarino

Senza Titolo

Delights 45

Expected: 26th October 2018 | 2 track funk single

Recording at his home studio somewhere in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin, the Italian-born Nicola Spiromarino prefers keeping his identity in the shade and probably doesn't trust the digital world too much. The two untitled tracks on this record are taken from the cassete, given by Spiromarino to Markey Funk on the first night of the Delights tour in May 2017. It's not clear who else was involved in these slices of haunted synth-driven library funk, but they both seemed fitting the label's agenda like a fine leather glove.

Recommended for fans of the late 1970's Italian and French film and library music.