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Fracture & Neptune - The Limit / Get Lost

Fracture & Neptune

The Limit / Get Lost


Released: 25th October 2010 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single

Good evening Planet Earth... Citizens of Earth origin or any other planet in the Solar System...
Fracture & Neptune are proud to present the fourth installment of their galactic phonographic recordings imprint: The Limit/Get Lost. This latest release continues the Astrophonica journey and futher defines the label's signature sound, somewhere between a funk band lost in space and a warehouse rave in East London. This release is set to be the label's biggest yet with it getting support from pretty much every trend setting DJ out there including DJ Storm, Bailey, DJ Teebee, Ulterior Motive, Doc Scott and many, many more. The Limit was featured on Zero T's Fabric Live 52 and caused a stir instantly with it's simple and dancefloor devastating vibes, so devastating in fact that it has been heralded as 'the tune of sun & bass 2010' by Jubei from Metalheadz.... Astrophonica has now been placed firmly on the d&b map.


The Limit dispatches us on a time-travelling mission, a return to the planet of dark warehouses, where the atmosphere is made up of dense angsty drum-driven paranoia and raging bass-bin winds that are strong enough to take your skin clean off. Currently featuring on Fabric Live 52 by Zero T, The Limit is set to be the biggest release on the label to date, and is sure to grace many an emergency escape pod this Autumn.


Get Lost sees an unsuspecting funk drummer trapped in tractor beam bleeps, almost escaping with the help of a snare-gun, before being sent hurtling back into the reverbisphere in classic style, as oncoming lazer-bass stabs of Death Star proportions seal the track's fate, hauling it into the brocking bay. One for the sample and break spotters, Get Lost promises a deeper voyage to inner space than its vinyl cohabitant, making APHA004 rewarding bounty for any jet-setting bass hunter

"This was THE tune of Sun & Bass 2010"
Jubei, DJ / Metalheadz
"The Limit is an absolute beast"
John B, Beta
"I love The Limit. Play it in every set. Always goes down well"
Artificial Intellegence, Integral