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Dawn Day Night - Re-Animations
12" Vinyl
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Dawn Day Night



Released: 12th August 2013 | 4 track dubstep ep

Ridley Road Market, Dalston, London. August 2013

Before the outbreak, the market was full of exotic food, clothes and spices. Now all that's left is a sea of mindless undead beings roaming the streets, a non stop 808 low-end rumble and the stench of chicken bones. All this because of a record. It looked different. It sounded different and the results of playing it were catastrophic. As soon as Dawn Day Night's 2012 debut EP was played, a ritual began . . .

Unbeknown to music lovers all over the world, they had given Dawn Day Night the power to walk the earth once again. That power now grows stronger and he is almost ready to re-animate 4 undead booty shakers; the 'Re-Animations EP'. With his undead army growing and a diary full of festival shows this summer, ask yourself; are you prepared for survival?

"Big tunes! It's like the dancefloor turned into an 80s horror flick. Evil Dead bass jams yo."
Machinedrum, NinjaTune
"Been a go to in my sets since i've had it. firepower."
Addison Groove, 50 Weapons