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Moresounds - Moresounds




Released: 18th November 2013 | 6 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single

Across its four tracks,Moresoundsdelves deeper into jungle and dark dancefloor moods than any of its predecessors. Blood sets the tone with a tough rhythmic backbone of pulsing bass drums and filtered breaks, subtle bass and piercing melodies punctuated by eponymous shouts, Jamaican patois and the producer's trademark dub manipulations. Estacion for its part involves a similar rhythmic grounding but takes the more adventurous 'will it, won't it' approach to sonic climaxing, constantly teasing the listener without ever delivering in any obvious manner. Instead flutes and whistles echo across a spacious sonic spectrum of drums and bass giving you something much more powerful than an obvious drop – a process further elaborated with the extended version, available digitally. Flocon was the track that convinced Fracture to get a full EP from Moresounds: a deep, eyes-down skanker built around simple melodic interplays, rhythmic switches and classic dark sounds masterminded with a sonic attention to detail and understanding of dub as a process, not a gimmick. 'A Rasta know' as a disembodied vocal sample affirms halfway through the track. Riddim Again brings the EP full circle by taking all the elements used so far – the pulsating drums and bass, reverberating claps, vocal samples, dub processing – and using them to construct the sort of dancefloor track best described with the word 'screwface'.The EP is rounded off by a remix of Flocon from House of Black Lanters, fresh from his album for Fabric's new label Houndstooth.