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Fracture & Neptune - Retrospect - A Decade of Fracture & Neptune

Fracture & Neptune

Retrospect - A Decade of Fracture & Neptune


Released: 30th May 2011 | 22 track jungle/drum 'n' bass album

Retrospect - A Decade Of Fracture & Neptune' is an 18 track, digital LP that brings together the classic, always cosmic, Fracture & Neptune sound from 2000 - 2011. Some released faves, some unreleased, some brand new and some unheard tracks from the vaults! All wonderfully remastered by Bob Macc and sounding better than ever.

The LP demonstrates Fracture and Neptune's abilities to combine old and new yet still maintain their own distinctive cosmic sound. Sublime tracks 'Ventura' and 'Firefly' remind us how seamless and soulful the duo's production is; 'Firefly's melancholic but beautiful interpretations of the broken beats with a slow jazz undertone demonstrate their musicianship perfectly. The emotion and passion in each track on the LP is undeniable, from the mystical intensity of 'Colemansim' to 'Bless Me' and the distinctive jungle tones of 'Too Doggone Funky', 'Retrospect' has every base covered. The 'Retrospect' LP is a lot more then a back catalogue of drum & bass tracks; throughout the past 10 years Fracture and Neptune have consistently produced music that is both influential and unclassifiable. The strength of the LP is consistent throughout and will undoubtedly be sparking some excitement...; Keep your eyes peeled for some live performances coming up this year...;

Tony Colman, Hospital Records
"great album, great tunes, great artwork and the guys are alright too I guess. Colemanism, absolute stone cold classic for those that know."
Jubei, DJ / Metalheadz