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Various Artists - Test Card Music Vol. 3
CD Album
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Various Artists

Test Card Music Vol. 3


Released: 1st February 1999 | 21 track instrumental pop album
The third volume of authentic Test Card music features the fabulous sounds of John Fox, Cedric Dumont, Frank Valdor, Lem Arcon and the Budapest Radio Orchestra, amongst others. Varied in style, the 21 digitally remastered pieces provide a real treat, taking one back to the time when the Test Card Transmissions were only interrupted for occasional daytime programming! It is a great pleasure to introduce this, our third volume, featuring authentic Test Card Music from the days when most programmed were shown during the evening and the test card was only interrupted for the occasional daytime programmes or, for a time, those wonderful trade test films. With this, as in previous volumes, we hope to present another varied musical journey with something for everyone and to delight not only the enthusiasts of this special blend of music, but perhaps, even the broadcasters of today! There is certainly a wide variation of composition, instrumentation and musicianship. Once again we introduce highly respected composers and performers from across Europe. Included are names such as Lem Arcon, Cedricv Dumont, John Fox and Frank Valdor to name but a few. For the first time, we feature two contemporary arrangements of well known traditional tunes: Danny Boy and Grandfather's Clock. Strings are well represented with pieces such as the lovely waltz: It's My Day and the wonderful melody: Yes, It's Only You.'