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Mo Horizons - Lovely Day Inside
12" Vinyl
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Mo Horizons

Lovely Day Inside

Agogo Records

Released: 15th September 2008 | 4 track ep
New Mo'Horizons 12 comes along with three brandnew remixes. First work was done by the great Freestyle guys Jazz Juice on Lovely Day Inside. For sure one of the best mixes ever done for the MoHo guys, Tu Fiesta Personal was remixed by TM Juke. We put the absolut fantastic Dub Version on this 12 the normal version can be found on upcoming double cd album, 10 years of Mo'Horizons. New artist The Bahama Soul Club did their jujuesque treatment on Kikiribu and to make this 12 a round thing we also put the acapella of Brandnew Shoes' on it. This one is a must have !