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Mo Horizons - And The Banana Soundsystem
CD Album
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Mo Horizons

And The Banana Soundsystem

Agogo Records

Released: 9th May 2011 | 13 track latin pop album
If you want to throw a successful block party, you need to get the sound, the system and the beats just right! Mo' Horizons have done exactly that with their new album 'And The Banana Soundsystem'. The band are no newcomers to the soundsystem culture. With four successful albums recorded plus two compilations containing their own as well as their remix work, Mo' Horizons are a firmly established entity.

They kick off the party with 'Banana No Mas' introducing their long-term percussionist and Latin Grammy winner Nene Vasquez. Australian funkateer Elvis Aljus aka Gypsy Brown then takes no prisoners with his tight percussion style on 'Back To Melbourne' which leads perfectly into 'So On' featuring portuguese vocalist Marga Munguambe.

'Around Ya' was recorded with Lanzarote and Cordoba based duo Fuel Fandango, keeping the Banana Soundsystem burning with some irresistable melodic Hispanic power. 'Chiquita Bonita' keeps the tropical fruit theme fresh, as does 'Banana Boogie' with Coneccion Santiago aka Nelson Arriagada from Chile, former Mo' Horizons live bass player, giving it that authentic South-American feel. Nicely squeezed in-between these sureshot party tunes is 'Jungle Affair', a delicate instrumental piece which sounds like it has been taken directly out of an imaginary Latino spy movie.

Marga Munguambe returns for 'Kiss' and you are guessing quite correctly. This is a
Wurlitzer heavy cover version of the mighty Prince tune. It works wonders with Mo Horizons' acoustic Baile Funk arrangement. So does 'Koito Pie Bira', a blistering Balkan monster if there ever was one, in coop with Borin Beltchev, club-owner and mastermind of the Varna Boogaloo Crew from the North of Bulgaria. Back to serious business with 'Make It Real' and Lea on vocal duties, already featured on the 'Brandnew EP' from 2010 - this is classic Mo' Horizons trademark style, driven by funk and fuelled by Latin.

Yanez from Bologna/Italy knows that Brazilian music is universal. His 'Cowboy Bossa' arrives like the soundtrack to a Sergio Leone meeting with Antonio Carlos Jobim on the Mexican border and features Yanez' amazing recording technique of adding a high and low voice together to create his unique vocal sound. Denise M'Baye, who has equal roots in Senegal, the Netherlands and Indonesia, takes the idea even a step further with 'In Love With An Old Man'. She crosses the Rio Grande and dives deeply into Mariachi culture with a big smile on her face. Finishing things off is 'Free And Easy', a rolling drum'n'bass burner, spiced up with a Copacabana twist and some East European flavour.

Look out for the 3-7 piece live Banana Soundsystem travelling the world in 2011!