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The Soul Session - Remix 12"
12" Vinyl
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The Soul Session

Remix 12"

Agogo Records

Released: 16th July 2012 | 3 track broken beat single

new 12 Vinyl by The Soul Session is coming up with some great remix works by Pushin Wood Soundsystem, Mo'Horizons and Marlow & Trueby.

"The Marlow & Trueby Refix is one of my biggest tunes of the year"
Kevin Beadle
"all remixes are great !"
Wicked Jazz Sounds
"A very nice and varying new 12"
"That remix by Marlow & Trueby is fckin baaad ass ! !!!!! YES !!!!! Chartin / Playin"
"That Hamjam remix is going right into my set! Loving that grimey organ."
Captain Planet
"i LOVE the Marlow & Trueby Mix"
Karsten John, Vinyl Vibes
"wow - factor on the Marlow & Trueby Mix !"
DJ Asparagus, Raw Fusion
"feeling the Marlow & Trueby Remix"
"What a groove to"
Simon Hodge
"rainer rocks"
Ferry Ghods