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The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Get Ready / Uncle Green
7" Vinyl
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The Hi-Fly Orchestra

Get Ready / Uncle Green

Agogo Records

Released: 14th April 2014 | 2 track acid jazz single

The Hi-Fly Orchestra has always been a real band, right from the start in 2005. They love vintage recording techniques, all their gear crammed in one room and getting the music on tape in a jam session situation. The opening chords of Uncle Green already prove the point. Get Ready is a journey in style. Think of Lonnie Smith's immediacy and rhythmic urgency circa Move Your Hands, the casual spirituality of Horace Silver with a hint of Lee Dorsey's style of turning rhythm & blues into soul, even Vince Guaraldi's versatile, comforting jazz sound is somewhere in Get Ready.

"great vibes here !"
Junior, Record Breakin
"fresh funky Jazz"
Danny Massure
"I'm ready ! great stuff !!!"
Borja, Lovemonk
"Love the sound & the vibe, chartin / playin"
"Uncle Green shooting me straight back to the era that got me hooked on beat-based jazz tunes... diggit!"
Jeremy Sole
"Love the production on both cuts. Both tracks are well usable."
Dr. Bob Jones
"All about Uncle Green for me. Heavy!"
Dom Servini, Wah Wah 45
"killer driller as always"
Gilles Peterson