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Savages y Suefo - Revolution (feat. Ashley Slater)
7" Vinyl

Savages y Suefo

Revolution (feat. Ashley Slater)

Agogo Records

Released: 4th November 2016 | 2 track beats & breaks single

With their new 7 named Revolution!, backed by a smashing remix crafted by BBE Records' Mr.Bird, we see SAVAGES Y SUEFO cater quite a hefty teaser for their forthcoming album Brotherhood.

Instead of exclusively focusing on pure dancefloor power of which Revolution! provides plenty the Hungarian duo sets out to raise awareness for the challenging situations and ongoing changes happening in our world that seem to effect everyones life these days.

And alongside this awareness comes a message strong, simple and powerful. The starting point of any revolution - no matter if musical, social or economic - is the mind. Our mind.

To get this message across in the most effective and thrilling way SAVAGES Y SUEFO teamed up with vocalist Ashley Slater, famed for his essential work in Freakpower alongside Norman Cook before the last mentioned took on his Fatboy Slim persona and also making waves with his most recent band outfit known as Kitten And The Hip.

Spitting well explicit lyrics both direct, truthful and thought-provoking it's Slater's performance on top of a thrilling musical backbone crafted by SAVAGES Y SUEFO that's surely meant to start a dancefloor REVOLUTION! that spreads like a virus way beyond the nightlife environment.