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Nautilus - Root Down (feat. Fleur Earth)
7" Vinyl
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Root Down (feat. Fleur Earth)

Agogo Records

Released: 10th November 2017 | 2 track soul jazz single

'Root Down' is an exclusive and strictly limited 7 single for DJ Oonops' upcoming compilation 'Oonops Drops Vol.1'. The track will be available on the compilation too, but only on this 45 you'll get the instrumental version.

Oonops is hosting a monthly, successful broadcast show on Brooklyn Radio (NYC) since four years. A few months ago he selected the album 'Nautiloid Quest' for Agogo Records' new japanese signing Nautilus and worked together with them for this single. Oonops' idea behind this reinterpretation of 'Root Down' was a slower, jazzy laidback atmosphere combined with a female voice for the Beastie Boys lyrics. So he asked Nautilus' mastermind Toshi to arrange a new instrumental and German singer Fleur Earth to sing over this track.