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Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers - Onin Okalan (feat. Ahmed Ag Kaedy)
7" Vinyl

Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers

Onin Okalan (feat. Ahmed Ag Kaedy)

Agogo Records

Released: 15th December 2017 | 2 track mali single

The track Onin Okalan - realization – is a plea for hard and honest work ethics instead of looking for fast and maximum profit, especially inspired by an increasing bunch of youngsters to be found in and around Kidal using only their AK's to make a living. Ahmed himself was threatened by folks like this multiple times, raising concerns about how his music is not compatible to Sharia laws. But Ahmed strongly feels that confiscating his very own equipment only happens for profit instead of religious reasons. From his point of view this special song is a call to defend the generation old value system of the hard working Tuareg people – in short words: honour and respect vs, the powers of the new economy.

Aljahalat - ignorance – is about the nearly non-existing educational system in the northern part of Mali which is a divided country in terms of education and privilege. The Tuareg communities are not really funded by the countries central government and only a few kids learn to read and write if they're not attending Islamic schools paid for by the Saudis. Even though Malis overall educational system is way beyond satisfactory, it's impossible for Tuareg children to even get basic education in a secularist environment as the state sees the remote areas of North Mali only as important because of its raw mineral deposits but doesn't take care of its schools and training centres at all.