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Arcade Eden - Black Light

Arcade Eden

Black Light

Ear Candy Music

Released: 14th December 2009 | 1 track synth pop single
The first public manifestation of Arcade Eden' singular brilliance comes with the independent release of Black Light. Black Light is already a Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra and XFM favourite A deliriously appealing mix of big beats and Clare's grippingly rankled vocal delivery, Arcade Eden fashioned their entire album in eight weeks at home, in their front room. It's a rollercoaster mash up of energy, anger and pure electro arousal……Who really wouldn't want a little piece of that? Arcade Eden is Lawrence and Clare Welling. They are a brother and sister who share an ambition to rock the foundations of the music industry. Brought up in a quiet corner of the Isle of Wight, Clare is quite the most unassuming woman you might expect to discover fronting a distorted, powerful electro act. She's bluff alternative-girl incarnate. Funny, pretty, not a boring bone in her body and with one ear always cocked to the chorus. Lawrence is the yin to Clare's yang. His metropolitan charms and brusque confidence are a direct counterbalance to Clare's introverted ways. He can appear a little more pragmatic than his front woman but from the moment you hear him pounding the bass he becomes her perfect musical foil. Arcade Eden are very much a two-way operation. They share lyric and music writing duties. Together, Lawrence and Clare, driven by personality, friendship and the unstoppable momentum created by their passion for great music, have configured a sound that represents the pure heart of British electro music.