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Airport Route Recordings

Released: 10th December 2007 | 3 track house single
Airport Route's regular dancefloor style has been picked up in a big way with this one... Pete Tong is supporting it, and check out some of the DJ reactions: Beautifully done! Going to be spinning this out for sure Sandra Collins (Perfecto/Thrive/Club Residencies Worldwide) Nice piece, elegant, with nice undefined sounds for the rhythm, mixes are solid with really nice elements for the mind, good warm up or end to the night James sanderlin (BPP, Van Nuys) Nice synths and piano sound!! Sasha Le Monnier (Fiberlineaudio/Toryumon/Source Of Gravity & Gravition/Electronic Project/Di.Fm/ Radio) Minted will blur your vision... very well programmed Atila FG,Element (Irvine,CA)