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Sookie - Sookie (feat. Jeannine Otis)
Vinyl LP
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Sookie (feat. Jeannine Otis)

African Road Trip

Released: 22nd September 2014 | 7 track disco album

African Road Trip is proud to present our first offering 'Sookie' produced by the mysterious Jo Bisso. Originally pressed in small numbers on the cult Parisian label Disque Esperance, this beautiful slice of funk is seriously hard to lay your hands on and commands a high price when sold.

So who is Jo Bisso? Not much is known, but a short yet prolific period in the 70's saw him turn out some mind blowing funk and disco music all with the French touch. Originally hailing from Cameroon Jo relocated to Paris which was a thriving hotbed for black music at the time. He worked with many key musicians and even wrote with Arthur Baker. Sookie finds Jo experimenting with the funk, so there is plenty of rhythm and some scorching horns. The vocals are provided by the legendary Jeannie Otis much famed for her work with Heiki Sarmanto.

This is a limited edition press of 500 with no repress!

Audio restoration by Sean P. Vinyl mastering by Curvepusher.